Complete wildlife camera system installation for conservation professionals.

Ecological consultancy for key protected species.
Cameras on 'open' nests
Open-nesting species of birds range from small passerines to the largest raptors.  Wildlife Windows staff, with their long-standing interest in birds and ringing, are very  knowledgeable about a wide range of species....

Cameras on cliffs
Cliff-mounted PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras for watching seabirds are challenging installations but the rewards are high. Being able to watch the comings and goings of seabirds such as razorbills, guillemots and kittiwakes is a special privilege.

Live streaming service
Willdife Windows can offer a professional live camera streaming service. Existing or new cameras can be streamed live on your website.

Nest boxes with cameras
Nest boxes are the traditional location for wildlife cameras.  They provide wonderful opportunities to watch nesting birds at extremely close quarters.  However, installing a nestbox camera well is not as easy as you might think....

Nest Platforms - Ospreys
We have designed, built and installed osprey platforms.

Viewing Systems
The public face of any wildlife camera system is the viewing system, comprising a screen and perhaps interpretation panels and camera controls.  This has to be high quality and in keeping with it's surroundings... 

Barn Owl
Not only does Wildlife Windows have particular expertise in surveying for Barn Owls, but we also have specialist equipment, designed and built by specifically for this purpose....

We use our specialist equipment and climbing expertise to conduct bat surveys.

Most EIAs focus on certain protected species, which are listed here under separate headings.  However, Wildlife Windows staff have detailed knowledge of nearly all British birds, and can offer a variety of ornithological  consultancy services...

We use a combination of our field skills and automated video monitoring equipment to survey for otters. 

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