Wildlife housings,
cameras and
viewing systems
designed and built by
Wildlife Windows
for wildlife watching.

The range of products offered by Wildlife Windows falls into two main categories:

    • Fixed units that form part of wildlife camera installations
    • Portable equipment for conservation professionals, ecological consultants and researchers
    Audio-video switching / distribution systems
    Wildlife Windows can deliver a variety of audio-video switching and distribution systems depending on your requirements.
    A simple system might require switching between three analogue cameras to view each separately on one screen. These systems can be controlled by staff or integrated with vandal-proof buttons to allow members of the public to choose images themselves.

    Badger Sett (artificial)
    Being able to see inside a badger sett is one of the most exciting, and rarest mammal-watching opportunities in the UK.  Wildlife Windows can design and build, or simply advise on the construction of an artificial badger sett with integral cameras. 

    Camera - Bat-watching / monitoring
    This is a hand-held camera gun designed and built by Wildlife Windows specifically for watching bats.  It combines a highly sensitive, infra-red (IR) video camera with an IR floodlight fixed to a purpose-built handle. 


    Camera - Peanut feeder
    This purpose-built peanut feeder with integral camera gives wonderful close-up views of visiting birds.  It is robust, professional equipment, designed and built by Wildlife Windows.

    Camera - Pole-mounted inspection
    Pole-mounted cameras are designed for looking into high-level cavities such as bird boxes/nests and bat boxes/roosts without the aid of a ladder. The cameras are tiny, and telescopic poles can be up to 15m high.  Video and sound are transmitted wirelessly or wired to a handheld viewer / recorder.

    Camera - PTZ
    Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are the most versatile of all cameras used in wildlife watching applications.  They allow the view from the camera to be altered remotely; to be moved from side to side (panned) or up and down (tilted) or zoomed (magnified) in and out.  
    PTZ HD (IP or Network) cameras can now be supplied.

    Nest basket with camera - Hobby
    Hobby baskets are a particular specialism of Wildlife Windows because one of our Directors (Jason) has a long-standing interest in the species.  Our baskets can be supplied and installed with or without cameras. 

    Nest box with camera - Barn owl exterior
    This version of an exterior barn owl box is a hybrid of designs by the The Hawk & Owl Trust and The Barn Owl Trust. WW has adapted the best features of these boxes to accommodate the birds while allowing for a good camera view.
    These boxes can be fitted to trees, poles and the side of a building.

    Nest box with camera - Barn Owl pole-mounted box
    Where there is suitable habitat for barn owls, but no available nesting sites or structures (e.g. buildings or large trees),  nest boxes can be fitted to the top of a purpose-built pole.  This is a good way to encourage and establish breeding barn owls in treeless areas of rough grassland. For example, this method of nest box provisioning has been successfully used in East Anglia.

    Nest box with camera - Bearded Tit
    Bearded tit 'wigwams' are among the most unusual and innovative of our camera-ready nest box (housing) designs. We have built an installed four of these on an RSPB reserve. Unfortunately the year they were installed the local bearded tit population took a dive due to a harsh winter and none have been used yet. Fingers crossed for next year.

    Nest box with camera - cavity nesters (e.g. Blue or Great Tit)
    This is the 'standard' garden nest box, a favourite with blue and great tits. But Wildlife Windows' camera-equipped box is far from standard in its features and video quality.......

    Nest box with camera - Kestrel
    Wildlife Windows has built and installed scores of boxes for kestrels over the years. Our external  kestrel box (can also be used internally) is a simple, robust and hardwearing design. Made from exterior grade birch wood ply this box has proven to be a favorite for kestrels.
    We can supply this box on its own, with a real or dummy cameraand offer advise on best placement or do the installation for you......

    Nest box with camera - Little Owl
    Little owls are quite particular about their accommodation. Boxes that work for them have a fairly complex structure and usually incorporate a tunnel to the nesting chamber.  Our little owl boxes are, as always, optimised for the birds.  We make indoor and outdoor versions and can supply them on their own, camera-ready, or as complete camera/box systems.

    Nest box with camera - Sand Martin
    Arificial sand martin 'walls' are a great asset to any nature reserve with suitable habitat.  The addition of cameras that can see inside the nesting chamber make these hugely more interesting.

    Nest box with camera - Tawny Owl
    Tawny owls take readily to boxes if positioned in the right habitat and location. Our tawny owl boxes, made from exterior birch wood ply, can be supplied with or without 'camera-ready' enclosures.........

    Otter Holt (artificial)
    Probably THE most exciting mammal-watching opportunity in lowland UK is to see inside an active otter holt.  This is no easy task, but the only possibility to achieve it is to build an artificial holt with integral cameras.

    Recording systems
    Wildlife Windows can supply a variety of audio video recording systems depending on your requirements. Standard AVI (640x480) can be recorded onto a portable media recorder and downloaded onto a PC for editing.
    Video feeds can be connected to PCs for manual recording or setting up motion sensing recording.


    Transmission system - Analogue wireless
    Short-medium distance radio link (100m-500m).
    Wireless links can be useful when obstacles (i.e. roads), distance and possibly budget do not allow for a cabled link.

    Transmission system - CAT-5
    Audio, video, data and sometimes power can be sent over CAT-5 cable. CAT-5 (twisted pair / network) cabling can be a useful and beneficial transmission medium. Analogue and digital (IP) signals can be transmitted over CAT-5. Twice as many audio-video signals can be transmitted along a single twisted pair cable than other standard copper transmission cables as well as twice as far.........

    Transmission system - Fibre Optic
    Fibre Optic cable is the ultimate infrastructure for fast, high quality video, sound and data transmission.  It can carry either analogue or digital signals and data, and the bandwidth is very high. Fibre optics are a good way to 'futureproof' an installation.

    Transmission system - WiFi

    There are several ways to transmit video and audio signals wirelessly. WiFi systems, intrinsically, are extended PC networks (LAN). Wildlife Windows can help you choose which system to use, depending on the site, distance, budget and whether mains power is available.


    Viewing equipment - Field Screen

    Wildlife Windows' portable daylight-viewable screen is a very useful companion to any moderately sized wildlife camera system. Housed in a weatherproof Peli case, containing its own power supply the 'Field Screen' can perform a variety of mobile camera viewing operations.


    Viewing Systems - Screen and Control Consoles
    One of our particular specialities is bespoke viewing consoles.  These are craftsman-built, laminated timber structures to house screens and camera control systems accessible to the general public.


    Wildlife Windows will install systems anywhere in the UK.
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