Please use this page to gather ideas for your own project, based on what we've done for others.
Case Studies
Listed here are a selection of case studies that demonstrate a mix of the equipment and services that Wildlife Windows is able to provide.  Each new project is different, and we always enjoy the challenge of providing the best, most cost-effective solution to any wildlife-watching opportunity.



Private Wildlife CCTV System
Wildlife Windows has a growing number of clients who have wildlife cameras and screens in their own private properties.  These systems can be very simple, for instance just a single camera connecting to a domestic TV, or quite elaborate with PTZ cameras, video projectors, long-distance wireless links and switching equipment to change between camera inputs.

Raptor nest monitoring
One of the Directors of Wildlife Windows (Jason) has a great interest in raptors, especially Hobbies, which are the subject of this case study.  Jason is very good at selecting suitable sites for his hand-crafted Hobby nest baskets. He can install them too, using well-honed tree-climbing skills (with ropes).   Although the case study is about Hobbies, the rare mix of expertise it demonstrates can easily be applied to other species.

Seabird colony camera
This case study describes a PTZ (pan-tilt-zzom) camera located on a cliff looking out over a colony of breeding seabirds.   It was a particularly demanding installation, not just because of the extreme environment of the camera....

Wetland Nature Reserve - complete wildlife camera system
At this nature reserve in southern England, Wildlife Windows has built a fully-featured wildlife camera system.  This includes analogue and digital (WiFi) radio links to distant cameras, remote switching via a touch-screen, innovative nestbox cameras and a portable bat-watching camera, pond dipping camera, waterproof video recorder and ruggedized portable screen.


Wildlife hide with artificial sett for badgers
This wildlife hide has direct views of bird feeders and a badger run, cameras in an artificial sett for watching badgers underground, a PTZ camera to follow badgers foraging above ground, cameras on peanut feeders and in nest boxes for close-up views of local birds, and wireless links to distant buzzard and barn owl nests.


Wildlife Windows will install systems anywhere in the UK.

"Every wildlife camera project is different and we enjoy the challenge of designing the best and most cost-effective system".
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